Tilt Brush

Highlighting what matters in VR
Immersive, interactive, experiential
Available for live performances and events

Virtual Reality

With the growing emergence of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality in our every day lives, artists and culture influencers can utilize these tools to create dialogue and immersive experiences that highlight what matters. The tools are an extension of the user, and we can help direct the evolution of this technology rather than passively await how it unfolds. We can explore how to evoke empathy and emotional connection to others, other species, and deepen our understanding and spiritual bond with the real living world in this unique experience. Climate change, sea level rise, and species extinction are abstract, terrifying concepts presenting design challenges that can be visualized and imagined in a therapeutic, creative, and playfully constructive way by working across these multiple realities. It's a place to discover and be curious that has the power to transform how we see and perceive reality for positive engagement and action.

Tilt Brush and Living Sea Sculpture coral restoration artwork by Colleen will be included in the next release of mobile app Paint - AR.